Gear Dilemma

We like gear, and we have plenty of it. We have many hobbies that revolve around the ocean and have all of the necessary gear for a family of four. I had always thought that we would buy a boat on the west coast and that we would be able to stock it with all of our stuff. Our reality however, is that we bought a boat that is already in the South Pacific and that is already stocked with a bunch of gear. While there are a lot of good things about starting our adventures in Fiji, we are now in the process of trying to figure out how to get all of our gear from Santa Cruz to the boat. What are we trying to bring with us? Well lets see... surfboards, wet suits, fishing gear, SCUBA gear, snorkeling gear, spearfishing gear, boat gear (spare parts/safety equipment/other necessities), camera gear, computers and electronics, guitars, boat toys, and a bunch of home school supplies. Trying to figure out exactly what to bring with us is somewhat limited by Airline Baggage Rules. Our flight will allow each one of us to have a carry on, a personal item, and one checked bag weighing no more than 50 lbs. Luckily two of the four of us have teeny tiny clothes and personal items. As I pack each room of the house, I am putting all of the things that I wish I could bring to the boat into the corner of our office. Then I will go back through the pile to figure out what we can actually fit into bags that weigh exactly 49.5 lbs each. After all of the bags are packed, I will have to figure out what to do with the rest of our gear. Shipping, leave items with friends/family to bring over, or just leave it behind? This is my gear dilemma and the challenge of moving from our four bedroom, three car garage home to a 45 foot boat with a family of four.


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