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Lists of lists

I have been getting a lot of questions from our friends about what we are doing to prepare to leave on a multi-year sailing trip. Sometimes I feel like I am just making lists. I think of things that I need to do at all hours of the day, and depending on where I am and what I am doing, I create a list. The lists are random, out of sequence, and not necessarily organized by importance.  I have lists on my phone, lists on scrap pieces of paper, and a master list by the front door. Even our list have lists. This photo is our list by the front door. Each time I pull off a post-it, another one takes its place. The girls and their friends love to check things off the list. They to check the mail for important documents and read the list and ask what my goal is for the day or week. It has become somewhat of a game, which has made it more fun. I know that when we arrive at the boat in January, we will have a whole new set of lists. I have a feeling that over the next couple of years I will get