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Farewell Coopers

Saying Goodbye was so much harder than we could have imagined. While we were all very excited for our upcoming adventures, it was hard to leave our Santa Cruz Community, Friends, and Family. The bonds that we have formed and the friendships that we have are incredibly special and mean the world to our family. Our last few weeks flew by in a flash as we prepared ourselves to move from our beautiful home in the redwoods of Bonny Doon to a sailboat in Fiji. We wrapped up our jobs, packed for our trip, packed our house, and packed our hearts into bags and boxes to be opened at a later time. We even squeezed in an interview for the This Ocean Life Podcast. Click here for link to podcast. We had so many people come to visit and say goodbye that it reinforced how truly blessed we are to have our tribe. Brian's mom and sister came down from the Pacific Northwest along with his cousin who flew in from South Carolina to spend Thanksgiving with us. My brother spent a day with me and Malia wh