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A Plastic Ocean - Fiji

Fiji is absolute paradise! With its lush green mountains rising from a sapphire blue sea, Fiji seems to have it all; diving, surfing, hiking, waterfalls, and beautiful palm-lined white sand beaches. The people are the friendliest that I have encountered in all of my travels, and the culture is rich and beautiful. While Fiji is ripe with beauty and stunning landscapes, it is not immune from plastic pollution and beach trash. Unfortunately, Fiji's problem with plastic pollution not unique and are the same issues that face every beach-tourism based, oceanfront community around the globe. Back home we live in the tourist town of Santa Cruz, CA where flocks of visitors come to the beach every weekend. Sadly, we are used to seeing beaches littered with various packaging, plastics, and other discarded rubbish back home, but the issue is a bit more pervasive here in the islands. While Fiji is much better off than many other countries in this region, the beaches are littered with discarde

Boatschool Program

In the spirit of back-to-school I thought I would add a blog post about our on board curriculum. Hands down the number one question that we get when people hear that we quit our jobs and are now sailing vagabonds is, "What about your kids education?". There are many many approaches to educating kids both on land and while sailing including un-schooling, packaged curriculum, and independent studies. Then there is the decision to have either online or hard copy/book study. We have chosen to put together an independent curriculum consisting of books and hard copies. Luckily for us we have lots of storage space available on the boat and the perfect set of drawers to house our school and art supplies. Since we travel to remote areas where internet is not available, online programs are not be a good choice for us. I also have a personal interest for the girls to have less screen time. Overall our boat school program resembles the CA state standards while using subjects that are rel